This year’s workshop will be held on the beautiful Brooks Institute campus in Ventura, California.

Started ten years ago with the mission of teaching photographers to connect the eye to the heart, the Pictures with Purpose Workshop will help you grow as a photojournalist, a sensitive human being and compassionate visual storyteller.

Limited to a dozen students, this workshop is an intimate learning experience in a non-competitive, non-threatening environment.

The 2016 workshop will be dedicated to helping student photographers/photojournalists hone their visual storytelling skills while gaining confidence to approach strangers and connect to tell their stories. If you already love photography and would like to develop the skills to gain access and go deeper with your subjects, this is for you.

Who should apply?

• Students! Enrolled college students or graduating high school seniors at least 18 years of age as of July, 2016.

• Those desiring to grow more comfortable approaching, connecting and photographing strangers.

• Students already familiar with the mechanics of their camera. Though we will talk about fundamentals such as aperture, shutter speeds, lenses, etc., this is not a “how to use my camera” workshop.
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